Human Touch I wrote this because 6 years ago in MCT Another marine who was my good friend For 3 weeks Found out I was gay And ran from the building into an adjacent one When I followed him And asked him why he ran He hid behind a couch. Demanding I did not come closer … Continue reading Human Touch

You are the. . Truth?

  My intention is to become more complex by streamlining simple absolute truths organically so I barely require the conscious. I want to be reactively proactive so to speak. Amorphous nebulous. If you are not the truth. . please advise how I treat you. Then advise yourself ^^ I will work with no one that … Continue reading You are the. . Truth?

My Aunt Sabine’s GoFundMe The GoFundMe has launched!! In a few hours we raised $350 out of our goal of $85,000 to send my Aunt Sabine to the Habilitat Construction in Hawaii. Our beloved Sabine has been addicted to drugs for 15 years surviving on the streets alone. How strong she is!! Help us heal this woman. She … Continue reading My Aunt Sabine’s GoFundMe

My Impression of Martin Luther King’s Agenda

​ What a. . ridiculously powerful energy. He's beautiful guys. To think that there existed a single person who wanted him to die severely exposes the disease that has feasted upon Humanities heart for thousands of years. Project # 1 How many others like this soul are presently trapped in cultures, countries, or by the … Continue reading My Impression of Martin Luther King’s Agenda

To Know A Woman

Shadows of her could be found in used paint and earthy markers tired from creating homes to fill. Joy to fulfill as the clock marked the first hour a soul could feel. Laughter sparked from rooms just left as footprints were nonetheless impressed with immortal swagger of the best dressed. Sick-en-ing ~ Smiles traveled miles … Continue reading To Know A Woman